Tuition & Scholarships

For the three-years duration of their studies, graduate students can be supported by grants that currently amount to about 1,250 Euros per month (free of taxes, fees are waived). The details are given in the Call for Admission.

Scholarships are granted from the Ministry of Instruction, University and Research (MIUR), from Politecnico, from companies, or from the Department, also based on rese- arch project funds. The number of available scholarships may change from year to year, usually it ranges between 60 and 70.

DSU Grants

Politecnico di Milano offers Student Aid Benefits and grants for students enrolled in PhD programmes, also to support those that do not have a scholarship. Details for application are available here.

Types of Scholarships

In addition to the PhD calls financed by the Italian Ministry, the following PhD positions can be proposed:

  1. Internally or externally financed PhD positions
  2. Executive PhD positions
  3. Joint and double doctorates

Proposal for internally and externally financed PhD positions

A PhD position can be proposed by Professors at Politecnico di Milano and financed by his/her own research funds in which an external company (CNR, IIT, EC, public institutions, etc. are also assimilated to external company) is involved (externally financed PhD position) or not, as in the case of funds coming from an Italian Ministry in percentage greater than 50% (internally financed PhD position). The external company is a company interested in the execution and development of research activities on specific topics in cooperation with the Politecnico di Milano, aimed at supporting and strengthening the PhD Programme (more information for companies at ).

The research activity shall be developed by a PhD candidate, who has been evaluated as eligible through a public call, and follows a PhD training programme and, at the end, acquires the qualification of Doctor of Philosophy. From the research work of the PhD Programme results may ensue, which could be protected according to the cur- rent legislation on intellectual property.

The deadline for submitting a proposal for an internally or externally financed PhD position is March 15 for the November PhD call. An externally financed PhD position can be also proposed by January 15 for the May PhD call, and by October 15 for the February PhD Call.

Useful links: templates and costs are available for DEIB professors in the DEIB Intranet

Proposal for executive PhD positions

An executive PhD position can be proposed by Professors at Politecnico di Milano and financed by a private company for one of its employees.

The Faculty Board evaluate the candidate. In case of positive evaluation, the Department Council (or the PhD school in case of framework programs) approves the agreement and the PhD secretariat enrols the PhD student without a public call. The usual PhD duration is 4 years (possibly 3 years with regular evaluation by the Faculty Board). The contribution for the PhD Programme from the company is decided by the Faculty Board or by the Department.

There is no deadline for proposing an executive PhD position. The PhD student will be enrolled after PhD approval in the first available slot (November or February or May).

Useful links: Executive PhD page

Double or joint doctorate

The International agreements offer the candidates the opportunity to develop their PhD career in collaboration with international universities and research centers.

A Double doctorate awards two doctoral degrees. Each institution involved issues the diploma independently, upon completion of the requirements set out in the agreement. In order to earn the double qualification, candidates are required to carry out additional work with regard to the normal curriculum, in the form of additional research and/or extra courses. Generally, the duration of a double doctoral degree is at least four years (7 semesters in special motivated cases). Double doctorate agreements shall specify whether the specific path involves a single or two final defenses.

A Joint doctorate is a doctoral path designed by two institutions. The PhD student prepares a single PhD thesis and earns a joint diploma, signed and stamped by both institutions. The agreement includes a template of the diploma to be awarded. The doctoral path must last a minimum of 3 years. The degree certificate shall indicate the equivalence of the diploma with an accredited title of a Politecnico di Milano PhD Programme. In joint doctoral paths, the Home University is the institution that selects the candidate and where he/she is first enrolled. The Host University is the institution enrolling the candidate at a later stage, after having assessed his/her eligibility. The PhD thesis is co-supervised by professors from both institutions, with a final exam conducted in accordance with the regulations of both institutions. The final defense is unique for joint doctorates.

Double and joint doctorates are usually promoted by Professors at Politecnico di Milano and established by the institutional office at Politecnico di Milano.

Institutional contact:

Ursula Mulligan

tel: +39 02 2399 9733 / 02 2399 9718
More details:

Scholarships under other international programs

The PhD programme at Politecnico di Milano includes positions for foreign institutional scholarship.

The PhD candidates must find economic support and contact a Professor at Politecnico di Milano as a possible Advisor.

The PhD candidate is evaluated by the PhD vice-chair of the related area and by the proposed Advisor and approved by the Faculty Board.

The Advisor must send a pre-invitation letter to the PhD candidate for the financing institution.

The PhD candidate is enrolled, after PhD approval, in the first available slot (November, February or May).

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