Education & courses

The IT PhD Programme offers doctoral courses on themes related to its research areas and across areas. Courses are 5 credits with approximately 25 hours of teaching. A final exam is requested to get the course formally approved. Since AY 2018/19 the evaluation in IT PhD courses is Pass/Fail.

Phd level courses and detailed programs

List of IT Phd Courses A.Y. 2021-22

List of PhD School courses A.Y. 2021-22

Suggested PoliMi MOOC: Being a researcher (in Information Science and Technology), Prof. Carlo Ghezzi (link)

How to register for a course

For internal PhD candidates: enrollment is obtained through the study plan (see link)

For external applicants: see the enrolment regulations (link)

Study plan for PhD candidates

A study plan has to be compiled from Poliself  by selecting among the courses available from the application courses that satisfy the rules defined for each cycle. It can be updated at any time.
Any change in the study plan should be approved by the Tutor. Since she/he cannot know when you fill in or update the study plan, you should send a copy of it to your Tutor and ask the Tutor for approval; if approved, the Tutor should answer your email approving inserting in cc your area coordinator who will formally approve the study plan.

Summer schools and external courses

Up to 5 credits can be acquired with Summer Schools or external courses. The external course must be approved by the tutor with the study plan.

To get the course convalidated you have to send to the following documents: