External attendants to single courses

POLIMI opens doctoral training to external candidates

Starting 2019, Politecnico di Milano has established to open its doctoral courses to all interested external candidates.

To inspect the list of PhD courses offered by the Information Technology PhD programme please visit the website link

To be enroll, candidates must register at the POLIMI website (www.polimi.it/onlineservices) and then they will find in their online services webpage the function “Application for doctoral single courses

By selecting it, candidates will be asked to choose the course(s) of interest (up to 10 credits per year) and to upload a short CV and a short statement in a motivation letter.

Their request will be evaluated promptly. In case of positive evaluation (which depends also on the course slots availability), candidates will proceed with the registration and may start attending the course. After successful completion of the course training, the candidates will be able to download from the same website a certificate attesting the earned credits.

The registration fee amounts to 500,00 € / 5 credits. Selected categories (including Visiting PhDs, PhD candidates and researchers of external Institutions wich do not require a payment for their own courses in a similar situation, and employees of companies which have signed a “Joint Research Center” agreement with POLIMI) will receive a fee waiver (iscrizione gratis), and will be requested to pay only the cost of the stamp and the insurance (€ 32.20).

The number of accepted external attendants may be limited.

For further information please write to


– I do not find the course

be sure to select the PhD level courses with the link to the application Domanda Corsi singoli di dottorato, sotto Richieste di ammissione)  –

in English “Application for doctoral single courses” nella sezione “Application forms”

(not to be mistaken with “Application and enrolment for single courses”

and then the PhD Programme in Information Technology (to find the IT PhD courses)

If you do not see the application, try to change your profile with the function on the top right corner Cambia matricola / carriera and try with another one in case you have several profiles.

– I do not know how to pay

once you have registered and you have selected for the course(s), your participation will be evaluated.

When approved, in the portal you will find instructions for payment

– I am registered as a PhD candidate in another institution

When asked by the application, select the first option for the registration (not enrolled in another institution). This will be ignored in evaluating the admissibility, incompatibility for double registrations does not hold for single courses

– I am not listed in the course participant list 

the registration is complete after payment and after your identity has been recognized by an administrative office at DEIB (PhD secretariat or other administration offices such as a section secretariat) – only if you were not a student in PoliMi before

– I did not receive a request for payment

After acceptance from the coordinator, which is usually within a week from the request, you will not receive any notification from the syste, You have to enter the portal again and accept the proposed fee (either full fee or reduced fee in the “gratis” modality). At this point you can proceed with payment.

– Exam certificates

The exam certificates can be downloded from the Online service system, under certificate request (Richiesta certificati) -> autocertificazioni

– How can I get a receipt?

from the Online Services Servizi Online -> tasse e agevolazioni economiche -> storico pagamenti You can download:

·         IUV online recipt (Identificativo Univoco di Versamento: a unique receipt of the payment operation on the PagoPA platform)

·         payment receipt 

– Group registrations

The registrations to PhD level courses have to be performed by indivual persons, group registrations are not possible at the moment.

 I cannot register for course in AY 2020/21

The registrations will open with the official start of the academic year, Nov. 2nd, 2021