For professors: course organization

PROPOSAL OF COURSES note: new rules since AY 2021-22 

To support the attainment of the general training aims, both the PhD School and the PhD Programme in Information Technology organize a wide set of educational activities for students.

Each year an official call for new courses is issued, in January/February.

Courses offered by the PhD School

These courses deal with transferable skills. The call for proposals of PhD level courses will published around February each year.

Information about the past call for AY 2021-22 is available at

Courses offered by the PhD Programme in Information Technology

An annual call for proposing PhD level courses for the Programme in Information Technology will open in January-February each year.

To submit applications for participation in the call, you must use the appropriate application that will be made available in the online services:

sezione “Concorsi e selezioni” – voce “Concorso/selezione per affidamento di incarico/posizione” – scelta “Didattica dottorale”.

For further information on how to participate, you can contact the doctoral office:

According to the resolution of the Academic Senate it is also possible to submit the following types of proposals for extra-scheduled courses:

  • courses with international teachers as course holders
  • courses without budget requests
  • courses with request for assignment as an institutional task, without remuneration for teachers

Other courses of these types can also be added during the year.

The proposed teaching must be consistent with at least one of the areas of the doctorate: Systems and Controls, Electronics, Computer Science and Engineering and Telecommunications. Interdisciplinary courses on doctoral areas are also possible.

The Faculty Board is in charge of the selection of the courses for the following year. Usually, there is a limitation on the number of courses that can be offered each year. It is suggested not to propose the same course in two consecutive years. The list of selected courses is eventually approved by the DEIB Council. Course instructors are remunerated with a fee that depends on their status (internal/external, coming from Italy/EU countries/extra EU countries), with the same general rules adopted by the PhD School. A decision on the activation of the course will be communicated by the end of the month April for courses to be started from November to October.

The effective activation of each course depends on the number of registered students: if a reasonable number (established by the Board of Professors, currently 5 enrolled PhD candidates at Politecnico di Milano) of registered students is not reached, the course will not be remunerated. It may be still activated for free or cancelled. 

Registrations to courses are entered by the PhD candidates by the end of December within their study plans. Therefore in January the course organizers can have an idea of the number of registered candidates; these numbers can vary slightly as PhDs are allowed to insert and delete courses during the year.


After approval

Each activated course has a proposer (usually the main lecturer or an internal professor in the case of courses held entirely by external instructors) and possibly other invited lecturers.

The proposer of the course has the following duties:

·       Define the detailed program and fix the exact dates and schedule, taking care of preventing conflicts with other PhD courses.  The detailed program (i.e., course outline) should be inserted using the online services system in Scheda incarichi di docenza. A request will be received by the coordinating professor. If the professor is an external researcher, a DEIB professor can be delegated to insert the information.

·       Reserve a classroom, with adequate capacity, in the selected dates.

·       Upload all the required information, including schedule and location, on the online application  Incarichi e attività didattiche  (normally before the end of July).

·       Manage the course and coordinate the lecturers, if needed.

·       Perform the assessment of the students.

·       Register the students’ evaluations on the Online Service application Teaching

For instructors: before the course

–        Detailed information about location of the course must be available in the detailed programme (this part of the form can be edited if necessary also after the formal approval of the course using the Online service Schede incarichi docenza). The schedule and locations must be finalized at least one month before the beginning of the course.

–        A message info about the course should be sent by the course professor to enrolled participants giving detailed information some time before the course (but be aware that the enrollment list can change at any time, as attendants can insert the course or delete it any time)

–        External attendants might ask to attend the course: this participation can be informal (no statements given) or formal: for this case see “External attendants to single courses

–        The formatted list of attendants and the register for the course will be prepared and sent to the coordinator by the PhD secretariat before starting the course

Document from the PhD School about online teaching at PhD level

For instructors: during the course

The following rules must be followed:

–        attendance (at least 70%) is mandatory to take the exam or to obtain an attendance certificate.

–        The secretariat will send you a form, which must be signed by the formally registered participants

For instructors: after the course

–        An evaluation of the students must be performed at the end of the course, based on an exam (grade: Pass/Fail)

–        For internal professors, exams are managed like all the other courses at PoliMi.

–        For external professors: grades can be also entered online by a delegate, but an original signature by the external professor is requested on a paper form (verbale), which can be downloaded from the online system – the delegate cannot sign the grades

–        Certificates of participation for external attendants: this service is not available at the moment

–        Letters of confirmation of participation. If requested by external participants, professors can write a letter (a template is available)

Courses held by external professors

–        All instructors will have to register on Polimi web site to get a personal code (codice persona)

–        A CV must be attached for external professors when proposing the course

–        A request for additional funding can be presented in case travel expenses are higher that the allocated sum (€ 6500 for extraEU, € 5500 for EU, € 4000 for Italians – a course is international only if at least 15 credits have given by a professor from a foreign institution – these sums are gross values, the recipient receives approx. half of the amount)

–        In case of courses held entirely by an external professor, an internal professor can be delegated by the external professor to manage the online information within the requested deadlines, i.e. inserting detailed program, schedule of lectures, grades

–        Grades can only be signed by the professor officially responsible for the course as indicated in the system (not a delegate). If a digital signature at Polimi is not available, the grades have to be formally signed on paper and sent to the secretariat.