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Section: Electronics

Major Research topic:
Integrated electronics for closed loop control of complex and reconfigurable integrated photonic devices and circuits

Devices realized in Silicon Photonic technology suffer of an extremly high sensitivity to temperature variations and fabrication mismatches. To build complex photonic circuits it is necessary to implement an electronic closed loop control of these devices, aimed at stabilizing their working point and optical properties. Up to now these control circuits have been implemented with discrete electronic components, by using a custom designed ASIC for sensor readout and a PCB with an FPGA and some drivers to process the signals and drive the thermal actuators available on the photonic die. This approach is however very space and power consuming and is therefore limited to situations where the photonic circuits have a small number of elementary devices to be controlled.

The use of the innovative non-invasive CLIPP sensor and the integration of multiple complete control chains (sensor read-out, signal pre-processing, control system stages and actuators driving) on a single multi-channel ASIC will allow to stabilize and configure the functionalities of a high number of photonic devices in a very compact way and with low power consumption. This innovation will pave the way to the design of very complex and reliable photonic circuits, ready for real-life applications.