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Section: Telecommunications

Major Research topic:
Advanced techniques for the mapping of acoustic sources

The problem of the characterization of acoustic sources has become a hot research topic from few decades. Several applications, such as noise reduction, environment characterization and source localization, require information about the position and the characteristics of the sound sources under analysis, in terms of vibration propagation and radiation through the medium.

This research aims to explore new techniques in this area, taking the context of musical instruments as interesting case study, due to the complex interactions between their components and their impact on vibration and sound radiation.

Two main approaches will guide the research: inspection of possible refined models for the acoustic sources and analysis of their behaviour using these models to feed simulation softwares; inspection and improvement of techniques related to Near-Field Acoustic Holography.

In particular, NAH techniques are very powerful tools to estimate the acoustic parameters of sound sources and reconstruct the 3D sound field with signals acquired through microphone arrays located near the source. Several NAH algorithms has been developed exploiting different methods, and the literature highlights some limitations in terms of accuracy depending on frequency and sensitivity with respect to noise, microphone position and number of sensors. The aim is to improve the existing techniques adding some prior knowledge about the source under analysis and explore the use of data-driven models, such as Neural Networks, to implement robust algorithms.