Current students


Section: Electronics

Major Research topic:
Nanofabrication and application study of 2D ; semiconductor devices

In the last 50 years the electronic innovation has experienced a very rapid pace allowing the realization of a lot of different calculation systems and related applications. In particular, modern computers are based on the von Neumann architecture in which computation and storage are physically separated. Data are stored in the memory unit and in order to be processed they must be transferred to the processing unit. This process require energy and  introduce a lot of limitations in terms of computing speed. In order to overcome these issues, a new approach called "in-memory computing" can be exploited, designing systems that compute within the memory, thus eliminating the data transfer between two different units. The realization of these systems starts from the developing of new devices that allow the implementation of this approach. These devices must be low power, scalable and possibly be realized in 3D fabrication processes in order to be integrated in high density architectures. Among all the proposals, Memristive devices have demonstrated to be an excellent solution. During my PhD I have developed a new memristive device called memtransistor, based on a 2D semiconductor. It is a three terminal device that show excellent characteristics for be used as an innovative memory and also for neuromorphic applications. During the three years, first the fabrication process was developed and then, after the characterization some studies and applications was demonstrated showing the good performance of the device.