Current students


Section: Computer Science and Engineering

Major Research topic:
Design and implementation of secure and efficient computing platforms for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) delivers a tightly connected world that allows satisfying the ever-increasing request from the users for services, such as augmented reality, face recognition, and voice assistants, that are specifically tailored to their needs and available anywhere and anytime.

However, tailoring these services to users requires the exchange of an increasing amount of personal information and sensible data, creating a significant privacy and security problem. Therefore, it is paramount to design computing solutions that guarantee the security of the users’ data while simultaneously efficiently supporting all the applications of the IoT digital world.

To further increase the complexity of the design of secure computing platforms, the recent advances in quantum computing threaten to make traditional public-key cryptography obsolete in the next few years or decades. This fact imposes the design and standardization of novel post-quantum cryptosystems targeting a wide variety of computing platforms ranging from IoT and embedded devices up to high-performance computing (HPC) systems.

The goal of my PhD research is to explore solutions, both at the architectural and microarchitectural levels, that support post-quantum security on portable embedded systems and IoT devices.

This translates into the need to add post-quantum security support to the embedded, general-purpose computing platforms, for which RISC-V and ARM represent the de-facto standard instruction set architectures (ISAs). Starting from a set of candidate post-quantum cryptosystems of the NIST post-quantum cryptography (PQC) standardization process, my research aims to design and validate a versatile hardware-software computing platform for the IoT that provides secure computation while enforcing the low-power, high-efficiency, and low-area characteristics of the embedded platforms.