IT PhD 2021-22 regulations & services


General Regulations

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Endowment (dote) and travel funds

All the PhD candidates from the 33th cycle have the following endowment: 5.068,66.

Allowed expenses: travels and registration to conferences, research visits, summer schools, small equipment and materials, books, and the like.
2.000,00 euros are reserved for conferences and paper publication.

PhD candidates from the previous cycles still active have the following endowment: € 3.068,66.

You are encouraged to spend this amount also for Summer Schools (both if they are part of your study plan or additional ones) and conferences, at any time from the PhD start to the final exam (in the last months after the end of the PhD and before the exam only for conferences to present your work or publication expenses).

International Summer Schools are funded on general PhD funds, after an evaluation of the level of the school to confirm the PhD level. Please send always an email to the PhD Coordinator before entering the request, then indicate the link of the Summer School when you fill the RDA or the mission form. Summer Schools organized by IEEE are always charged on the general PhD fund (not on your personal fund).

You can check how much you already used and you have left of your personal endowment at any time in the DEIB intranet, in the administration services.

PhD candidates can use the dowry within 6 months after the formal PhD deadline and within the day of their final exam to go on missions (to conferences in which to present their work) and to review articles in English, and consumables to complete their research work and the like. The purchase of inventory material is not permitted.

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The following services are provided by the PhD programme to all candidates enrolled in the programme in the 2019-20 academic year, on general funds of the programme (in addition to your personal endowment/dote):

1) Software

Politecnico di Milano is providing software licences to enrolled doctoral candidates as indicated in the following page

Please note that you might have a different licence agreement depending on the device you use (your personal laptop, where you have student licences, or a laptop of the department, where you have licences like professors). You can buy a departmental laptop with your endowment or with research funds of your group if available.

All licences are for educational use (it includes research activities) and should not be used for other purposes.

2) Business cards requests (fill in the online form by November 15) This possibility is given once each year in November. For those starting in February and May you can request the service from Poliprint and ask a refund on general PhD funds (small expenses reimbursement)

3) Subscriptions to professional associations*  

  • IEEE 

IEEE yearly student subscription and registration to IEEE Societies (max 2 societies):

Two possibilities:

a) IEEE renewal – form to be filled by November 15 (link to the form). Important: once you filled the form, you don’t have to proceed with the payment yourself. The Department administration will provide payment.

b) IEEE new subscription (as refunds, as small expenses, with

– payment proof – credit card billing statement

– invoice containing your name and DEIB address for billing and DEIB VAT number IT04376620151 if required

do not use personal addresses for shipping purposes, always DEIB address)

– DEIB Form for small expenses signed by the coordinator

  • ACM (as refunds, as small expenses, with documents as above for IEEE)
  • Other associations (send email request for approval to phd-inf, then proceed as above)

4) Language courses organized by PoliMI: Registration fee refunded by the PhD programme (small expenses procedure)

5) Raise your endowment if you published a journal paper: information to be inserted in a form by November 15 (link to the form)

Award for accepted publications, with you as a PhD student as first author, in a Q1 journal (according to Scimago Journal classification): an increase in the availability of endowment: 1000 euros / number of authors per journal, with a max 1500 per person in the career.

* Expenses at point 3) will be charged on the general PhD fund and not on your personal endowment

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Teaching activities

Teaching activities carried out by the PhD candidates are allowed according to the following rules:

To compute the amount of hours, teaching hours are weighted as follows:

  • Exercise classes: weight 1
  • Laboratory Responsible: weight 0.8
  • Tutor: weight 0.6

The limits are:

  • Pre-approved: up to 40 hours
  • Coordinator approval needed: up to 52 hours
  • Any other request will be evaluated by the Academic Board (Collegio dei docenti)

Special rules for AY 2020-21 and 2021-22

The coordinator can approve up to 60 equivalent hours, extended to 80 hours if 40 hours are a repetition of the first 40 hours for the same class (in both cases weights are not applied).

The rule is valid for the current exceptional situation which requires an additional teaching effort within the university and for the total amount of teaching activities in the year. 

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Publications: general information

Some rules on publications:

  • your first affiliation is Politecnico di Milano. You may be entitled to use a double affiliation (if you belong or are officially affiliated to a research institution such as CNR, IIT, HT, … or you are an executive PhD, or if you publish results for a research visit at another institution of at least one month), asking permission to the PhD Coordinator
  • all your published publications must be inserted in IRIS  in the Online Services (instructions)
  • you can request English text revisions for top journal papers (Scimago Q1-Q3): Write to  – this expense will be on general funds, not on your endowment

All PhDs are requested to keep their list of publications up-to-date on IRIS. About the annual report, you have to specify the publication venue (journal, book, book chapter, congress, workshop, as inserted in the Polimi database), and submitted manuscripts.

You find the Polimi database in the Online Services, in the Administration section (Amministrazione), item IRIS Re.Public@Polimi – Catalogo/archivio dei prodotti della ricerca (accessible with PoliMi credentials)

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Materials, IT devices procurement, purchases

For purchases of materials and equipment you will have to follow the department administration rules.

The funds to be used for purchases on your endowment have the code indicated at the beginning of this page in the general information section.

For any doubt please refer to to following guidelines: Guidelines for departmental procurement

Please write to the procurement office if you need information:

You will have to open a request for purchase on the Online Services, under Amministrazione (Administration), item Richieste di acquisto dipartimento, RDA for short. If you need details about a specific purchase procedure please contact:

For any other information please write to

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Travels and online conferences in COVID-19 times

  • if a conference is online, and you need to request a refund of the conference fee,  you can open a Richiesta di Acquisto, RDA, indicating “Iscrizione convegni” as a type for the request.
  • if you travel, follow the instructions for missions It is important that you request permission before the travel for insurance coverage.
  • now FFP2 face masks can be refunded as a travel expense when you use long distance public transportation.

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The following services are freely available to PhD candidates in Information Technology, detailed information will be sent via email or presented in the welcome day:

  • Business cards: PoliMi business cards can be requested, an annual call is issued in November.
  • English revision services: PhD candidates can request a revision of the English text for papers submitted to top level journals. For information ask the Ufficio Acquisti of the Department.
  • Italian courses, English courses and other foreign languages: a refund of the registration fees for courses organized by PoliMi can be requested (with the modality of reimbursement of small expenses)
  • Academic associations (ACM, IEEE and other recognized international associations): a refund of the registration fee can be requested as refund of small expenses.

All the previous services are available on general PhD funds.

In addition, each PhD candidate has an endowment for travel to conferences and research institutions or technical equipment.

Other services provided within PoliMI: