Regulations and suggestions about the thesis work from the PhD School


The doctoral thesis is preferably a monography in which the methodology and the results of the research are illustrated with a broad comparison with the state of the art.

Regulations from the PhD Programma in Information Technology

Experimentally, in 2021 (until July 2022) the PhD Programme in Information Technology introduces the possibility of submitting a thesis composed of a congruous number of articles, published or accepted for publication, coherent with the theme of the thesis, accompanied by a wide summary (min 50 pages). The summary must contain an introduction, the comparison with the state of the art, the description of the contribution for each article, conclusions; any articles not yet published can be inserted as annexes.

For all theses, the draft of the thesis or at least a detailed index must be submitted as an attachment to the report for admission to the final exam.

Forms to be admitted to the final defence of the thesis

Final report

Guidelines for obtaining the European Doctoral Title

Reviewer report

Instructions for laying out and submitting the Doctoral Thesis

We suggest to write your thesis in A4 or A5 format; however, different formats will be allowed.

Sample Latex Doctoral thesis template (not compulsory)

Sample PDF Doctoral thesis template (not compulsory)

Sample RTF Doctoral thesis template (not compulsory)